"more than being in fashion these are shoes that make every step fashionable"


The brand Enrico Antinori is the result of great passion and years of consolidated experience in manufacturing shoes.
From the very beginning the brand has emerged becouse of its indipendence and its reliability.

Never following “mega trends” always paying attention to the creation of well done shoes.
About their collections one can say: “more than being in fashion these are shoes that make every step fashionable”.

Never searching for a specific mood, always free to realize a product which makes every customer’s mood.

Great attention is always given to the choice of materials and colours with utmost care of the details as to create a top quality product which season after season becomes a piece of the brand expanding reality.
An evergreen story that never stop growing always meeting all customers requirements.

Enrico Antinori’s secret for success: being able to guess what people want… to wear.


Enrico Antinori is produced and distributed by BELGRAVIA srl


In 1987 Maria Cardinali and Enrico Antinori started the Belgravia adventure.

They both had a great personal experience in the field of shoes manufacturing.

They decided to put their backgrounds together and to give life a company in the position to think, produce and marketing their own collections of shoes and accessories. As for this reason at the end of 80es the brand was ready to enter the market.It was totally designed by Maria.

Maria and Enrico have always personally followed every step of the production from the styling to the making and finally the marketing of their products.

The first collection appared at the 1987 bologna expo and gave its result: 79 pairs of shoes were sold during the first day.

A little number _one could think_ but it was only a starting point, that number was destined to increase during the following years.

The customers soon recognised these shoes as a perfect mix of style , craftsmanship and right price.

We have been supplied our customers all over the world for 25 years from the little shops to the department stores included great companies.

Never forgetting that every single reality plays a main role in its own field.

Belgravia counts of 6 factories each one of them is able to realize a finish product from the basic to the most elaborated one.

Belgravia not only sells its own shoes but offers a full service from the styling of the model to the making of the last and the selection of fine leathers.

All this rigorously made in Italy.

Our products are sold in the best world department stores and embellish the most important shops of Northern Europe, USA, Asia and even Australia.

Our products always meet the customers requirement and assure the highest sell out.

In 2011 the staff availed itself of the collaboration of designer and developer manager Wanna Granatelli who beside working as a creator of private labels started designing Enrico Antinori collections.

In 2011 Wanna gave life to “REISSUE”.

As suggested by the name this project starts from a study of the precious Belgravia archive.

After a close analysis Wanna made an accurate selection of the most fashionable Belgravia shoes of the past and revived them by using most current raw materials and colours following the latest trend in fashion.

So she realized a timeless collection which strengthened the relationship between Belgravia and its best clients.

Wanna supported by Maria succeeded in carrying out this project with the full satisfaction of old clients and the excitement of the young new once.

At the moment we have several different projects on the go.


Collection revives the most important pieces of our story.

Through the careful selection of our best creations we wanted to give them new shades, new light, new meaning, a new life.

As what we need today is something which makes us feel cosy which makes us feel good, we decided to play by the same rules of trust we already know.

Through the years, step by step, these shoes came along with us, so what is important to us today is that they go on being so special for us all.

So let’s start again from a renewed world, never forgetting what gave life to what we are now.

Season after season ” Look back to walk … ahead” Enrico Antinori: Style – Soberness – Refinement.


At the moment BELGRAVIA srl produce and distribute also WANNA MARIA FIORI…

Wanna Maria Fiori is not for women not for men, not for fashion It’s our way of thinking of living of being, it’s our own fashion; As when we decide to realize a pair of shoes, those are the shoes we have fallen in love with, if we decide to make a bag, that is the bag we really desire. Wanna Maria Fiori is UNIQUE UNISEX and AGE-LESS.

A SINGLE sober style in ONE shape, for women, men, and also for children. ONE soul for ONE collection inspired by contemporary life in contemporary spaces, thought and realized to mean essentially what we are: UNIQUE in every single way.

Every day we are working with a smile upon our faces because we love our job and this love is the secret of our bonnheure. We’re not worried about the future because we are ready to change with the world and we keep our dreems alive to create good things.

There is no difference between a man and a woman as they need the same things As everybody is ONE, choose ONE style. Choosing mind(s)